The "Holy Rus" project is currently in 4 parts: 1. Holy Rus: Saint Andrew in the Land of the Scythians and Slavs; 2. Third Rome: Saint Sergii of Radonezh and his explorer monks; 3. The Jesus Prayer: Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a Sinner; 4. "New Word" of Rus & the Prophesy of our Lady of Fatima

According to an ancient legend found in medieval chronicles, the twelve Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ cast lots to see which direction the Holy Spirit was calling them to “go forth and proclaim the Gospel.” The mission that fell to St. Andrew the "First-Called" was to travel to the Land of the Scythians and Slavs.  After founding the See of Constantinople, the Apostle Andrew traveled much farther North, reaching the banks of Dnepr river and the site of the future Kiev, the region of Novgorod the Great, and even as far North as the Valaam Archipelago on Lake Ladoga.  In 988, St. Vladimir the Great, Equal-to-the-Apostles, fulfilled the prophecy of St. Andrew, accepted Orthodoxy and founded Holy Rus.  The messianic calling of Rus has since undergone many triumphs and trials throughout its history:  the Mongol Invasion, the Third Rome of Moscovy, the Troubled Times and political suppressions of Peter I, Catherine I and the Soviet Union.  But the Spirit of Christ's Holy Rus has never gone out...shining brighter with each new dawn.